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Ontario Philharmonic (OP) is one of the finest orchestras in the country. Thousands of patrons attend its concerts each season.

OP's success results from the efforts of many people. While the music director and musicians are the most visible, at least an equal number of dedicated people work behind the scenes to make sure that the concerts are a success and that OP has the support, money and resources it needs to continue to excel.

OP benefits from volunteers of all ages, whose gift of time, energy and skill help to provide Durham Region, Toronto and the surrounding area with fine musical performances throughout the year. Young people can apply this volunteer service to their high-school requirements, while adults of all ages find rewarding activities benefitting the arts community.

Current Job Position

Volunteer (Toronto)
Ontario Philharmonic is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high caliber classical music performances in Durham Region and the GTA. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Distribute flyers to venues in Toronto annually (OP will tailor delivery to a geographic area close to you or on a direct subway/streetcar route)
-  Contribute/update the Toronto distribution list
-  Write a distribution plan and seek approval from OP office prior to delivery of flyers/materials
 Request via phone calls and/or e-mails potential flyer/brochure exchanges for insertion into other arts organizations’ programs
 Be a model Ontario Philharmonic ambassador

Qualifications and Requirements:
-  A love of symphonic music
-  Pleasant stakeholder relations skills
-  Reliable, capable and flexible
 Able to make drops that are convenient for the recipients

Lines of Communication: This volunteer position reports to the Executive Director.

Orientation and Training: OP’s Executive Director will provide training and ongoing guidance. 

Times Needed and Place of Work: Toronto

Commitment Required: There will be certain times of the year that are busier than others (August-September).  A commitment of 2 – 3 hours/week would be typical. 

To Apply: email your resume to contact@ontariophil.ca  with subject title: Volunteer Toronto

Volunteer roles include (but are not limited to) the following:

Board of Directors

A candidate for OP's Board of Directors is a person of above-average achievement levels and/or capacity with an active network of colleagues, ability to represent the orchestra with pride and a real sense of the heritage and cultural treasure OP is. Further, a Director is someone who: is a leader, by inspiration and example; a good business person with a passion for music, and who has experience within non-profit organizations, preferably but not necessarily in the arts community and; who can and will bring or seek out contacts and resources for the orchestra. Those wishing to explore this proposition are invited to call 905-579-6711 to get further acquainted.

Fundraising Campaigns:

OP runs several fundraising campaign that can be benefitted by volunteer committees or individual volunteer roles. Please enquire at your convenience to review campaigns that might be suitable to your availability at 905-579-6711.


The Durham Region Mayors' Gala supporting Ontario Philharmonic is the most prestigious fundraiser of OP's year. Annually, hundreds of community leaders and corporate executives gather to show their support for OP. There are several volunteer positions that make the gala possible. Call our office (905-579-6711) to enquire about a position on our gala committee.

Children's Concerts:

Inside: Children's concerts expose young people to the magic of the symphony orchestra. Volunteers attend the special children's concerts (held during school days), and help to seat the children, collect tickets, and work with OP staff and teachers to ensure an orderly, educational and enjoyable concert.

Outside: Volunteers also act as parking lot attendants to ensure the orderly flow of buses arriving and departing in a short time span.

Distribution of brochures and other publicity materials:

Volunteers able to visit key sites around Durham Region, Toronto and other areas of the GTA distribute pre-concert brochures and other publicity materials to appropriate venues such as libraries, town halls, community centres, seniors' facilities, plazas, youth centres, workplaces, etc.

Concert Support/Stage:

Volunteers support the Stage Manager in stage activities. Stages at concert venues need to be set-up with risers, chairs, music stands, music stand lights and such. Volunteers oversee the placement of the stage elements including timpani, harp and piano installations, for example, before, during and after each concert.

Telephone Campaigns:

Routine: Volunteers often telephone current and previous subscribers (or from other lists as appropriate) to support ticket sales or fund-raising efforts on behalf of the OP.

Special Events: Volunteers provide telephone support for special ventures such as special fund-raising events and concerts.


The musicians, staff and volunteers that make up the Ontario Philharmonic are a dynamic group of people who undertake a wide variety of fund-raising/community activities. Accordingly, some volunteer activities are new events and can be creative in nature, unpredictable and deeply rewarding.

Coordination and Support:

Volunteer activities undertaken on behalf of OP are coordinated by designated leaders.

One volunteer coordinator maintains volunteer lists and coordinates recruitment activities. These activities are supported by Board members and activity lead.

ONTARIO PHILHARMONIC Registered Charitable Organization # 11907-0845-RR0001